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Care and Wellness Consultants are Here for You

In this extraordinary time, we remain committed to supporting you. The health and wellbeing of our students continue to be a top priority for the University. Our office continues to offer individual consultation, advocacy, and resources to aid in student care, both in person and through remote formats.

Our office is open Monday thru Thursday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For any student that would like to schedule an initial conversation with a Care and Wellness Consultant, please select an appointment time below. We are also available to connect by email and phone. Please see below for contact information and to connect to the Care & Wellness Consultant assigned to each college.

If you are having a mental health crisis, please call the University Counseling Center at 574-631-7336. If you believe you are having an emergency needing immediate attention, please call NDPD at 674-631-5555. 

Students Can Schedule Directly with a Care & Wellness Consultant

Undergraduate or graduate students (except Law) looking to meet with a Care & Wellness Consultant, please use the calendar below to schedule an initial conversation. Law students can schedule with Stella Miller here. For students considering a separation from the University (a leave of absence or withdrawal) or for those who are seeking readmission, please schedule with Annie Eaton here.

All students have the option to meet virtually or in person. Please note that this calendar is set to Eastern Standard Time (EST). Please confirm that your calendar is also set to EST.




Referral Form

If you would like to refer a student or have a student concern you'd like guidance on, please reach out to the individual Care & Wellness Consultant in the pertinent college. You may also make a referral online through the secure online reporting form.

Care and Wellness Consultant Referral Form

Margaret Morgan, M.Ed, M.Div
Director, Center for Student Support and Care

Graduate School




Maria Candelaria Flukas, MA. Ed.
Care and Wellness Consultant

Undergraduate Colleges of Architecture, Business, Engineering, and Science



Annie Eaton, MS. Ed., LMHC, NCC, NCACII, LSW
Care and Wellness Consultant

Outreach and Support



Beth Ferlic, LMHCA, M.S. Ed., M.A.
Care and Wellness Consultant

Undergraduate College of Arts and Letters



Stella Miller, M.Ed., M.Couns. 
Care and Wellness Consultant

The Law School


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