Purpose and Services

What does a Wellness and Care Consultant Do?


  • Provide consultation, resources, support, education, and prevention strategies to Notre Dame students, faculty, and staff, in order to help students achieve comprehensive wellness.


  • Address a range of concerns and support students in advocating for their self-care. There is no problem too small.


  • Connect students to various resources to assist in balancing academic, social, financial, familial, emotional, and physical wellness.


  • Empower students to live fully in mind, body, and spirit. Through a personalized Care Plan, students gain the skills and tools needed to more fully engage in University life.



  • Assist with the withdrawal and readmission process.
  • Consult with parents.
  • Help to inform the community on health and wellness initiatives.
  • Maintain a library of resources.
  • Offer support services for medical and psychiatric hospitalizations.
  • Provide various presentations to the Notre Dame community.