Tips for the Virtual Student

You find yourself now taking classes remotely, connecting with others virtually, and missing the day to day life of being on campus. Now what?

Acknowledge What you Feel

Many of you are experiencing a range of conflicting feelings, from shock and anger, to sadness and relief. It's important to acknowledge how you feel, and to recognize those feelings as a reaction to this unprecedented time. Allow yourself to feel what comes up so that it doesn't consume you. 

Set Up a Routine

Research tells us that creating predictability in our day to day can help us get through extra-stressful times. Create morning and evening routines for yourself, treating school like a job. Know that there are times that you need to be engaged with your coursework and that there are times when you need to turn it off. 

Connect with your Campus Community 

It can be comforting to reach out to friends, partners, professors, and staff members so that you continue to feel connected to the Notre Dame family. Simply reaching out to friends over social media or setting up a Zoom study session can help. Schedule a Zoom office hour with one of your professors or send an email to a staff member. Most campus support are available virtually and are here to help you stay connected. 

Filter the Flow of Information

During uncertain times, we crave information in order to make sense of our world. Too much information, however, can cause us undue stress. Seek only enough information to be informed and prepared. Perhaps set a time or two throughout the day to learn the latest updates and then turn of your media sources.

Stay Connected to Nature

You can socially distance (at least 6 feet away) and still go outside. Moving your body will help to release pent up stress and breathing in fresh air will be a boost to your immune system. If you can't go outside, try adding some plants or flowers to your living space or opening up your windows. 

Foster your Self-Care

The basics of self-care should be prioritized in order to keep yourself well. Get more sleep, eat healthier goods, make sure you move your body, use prayer or meditation to connect to your higher power, and stay connected to others. 

Remember: We're in this Together

Even though you may feel isolated, know that you are not alone. Reach out to your trusted sources of support and comfort. Utilitze the resources that Notre Dame has to offer virtually. We will get through this together.