What We Do


The Care and Wellness Consultants receive referrals from faculty, staff, students, and parents about students who may be struggling or who may be exhibiting distressing behaviors. The Care and Wellness Consultants assess and respond by assisting with resources. Currently, the top three referral sources are Academic colleges, hall staff, and administrators. The Care and Wellness Consultants assess the health and safety of the student and campus communities and recommend services and resources that will support the student’s ability to succeed at the university. The Care and Wellness Consultants will often reach out to students of concern early in this process to check-in with them, connect them with the appropriate services, and follow-up to provide ongoing support.

What exactly is a Care and Wellness Consultant?

The Care and Wellness Consultant:

  • Works with students to help identify and overcome barriers to success at the University of Notre Dame.
  • Assists students in assessing obstacles and challenges which may be interfering with academic or social progress.
  • Helps students get connected to campus and community resources that may provide additional support.
  • Helps students navigate the complex University system to access needed services.
  • Works with students to develop a "Care and WellnessPlan" to help him or her focus on success.

How can a Care and Wellness Consultant help me?

The top three reasons students seek assistance from a Care and Wellness Consultant are for mental well-being support, general support, and academic support. Other reasons include the following: 

  • You are distressed and are not sure where to get help.
  • Life outside of your studies is becoming difficult.
  • You have not been attending classes and have fallen behind.
  • You have an ongoing health issue and need guidance on where to seek help.
  • You are returning to campus after a difficult life circumstance and you are not sure how to transition back to school.
  • You need help navigating University resources you might need. 
  • You are considering taking a withdrawal from the university and would like to discuss your options.